QED uPlay Stream manual and quick start guides

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Download the iOS app from the app store

Download the Android app from Google Play Store

Download the uPlay Stream set-up software for Mac
OSX 10.7 and later required

Download the uPlay Stream set-up software for PC

Windows XP or later required


Firmware Updates

Please note these Firmware updates are only for use with the Mac and PC software. Firmware updates via App Store and Google Play happen automatically.

Date: 01/04/2014

Firmware version: uStream_01.00.04



- Overall app performance and stability improvements

- Other minor bug fixes

Date: 25/11/2013

Firmware version: uStream_01.00.03



- Overall app performance and stability improvements

- Multi-room playback performance improvements

- Rapid self-reboot when encountering unexpected error to avoid freezing

- Other minor bug fixes

QED uPlay Stream Support FAQs

Set-up and Network Connection

1. What are the PC and MAC set-up programs?

Apart from the uPlay Stream mobile apps, users can also use a computer (PC or Mac) to stream music to the uPlay Stream using 3rd party DLNA/ UPnP compatible player software, for example, Windows Media Player 9/10 for PC.

In this case, we provide a PC and MAC set-up application for users to configure the uPlay Stream receiver without having to use a mobile device.

You can download these set-up programs below.

uPlay Stream App for Windows

uPlay Stream App for MAC

2. Why does my WiFi router not show in the set-up page?

Most users view the set-up page using their uPlay Stream app (although the PC or MAC set-up programs can also be used).
uPlay Stream is designed to work with WiFi standard 802.11 b/g/n and if your router is one of these then you should be able to see it in the network list on the set-up page.
Please make sure your router is switched on and other devices are successfully connected to it. If the router is still not visible in the network list then the most likely cause is poor signal strength.
Poor signal strength can be caused by the uPlay Stream being positioned too far away from the router, however, please note that WiFi signals can also be affected by the presence of metal, high voltage equipment, water and Bluetooth. Please try your uPlay Stream in a different position.
Note: You should connect your uPlay Stream to the same network as your mobile device.

3. I am sure I have entered the correct password! Why does uPlay Stream not connect to my WiFi network?

uPlay Stream supports WiFi encryption modes WEP, WPA and WPA2.

uPlay Stream should detect the correct encryption mode for you, but if you are experiencing problems please make sure that the correct mode is being used by checking the set-up page in your app or set-up program. If you do not know what mode your router is set to, you may need to follow your router’s instructions to interrogate it.

For WPA you should be entering an 8 to 32-character key.

For WPA2 you should be entering an 8 to 63-digit ASCII value or a 64 digit Hexadecimal value.

For WEP you will need to know whether your router is set to 64-bit or 128-bit encryption and manually select whether it is expecting a Hexadecimal or ASCII text key. The table below tells you the length of the key you should be entering:

Hexadecimal Key

ASCII Text Key


13 Hex characters

5 ASCII characters


26 Hex characters

10 ASCII characters

4. Why can’t the uPlay Stream app or PC/MAC set-up software find my uPlay Stream?

The uPlay Stream can be connected to a router by ethernet connection or WiFi connection. If you have connected the unit to the network successfully, you will be able to see the uPlay Stream from the uPlay Stream app on your mobile device or set-up program for PC/MAC which is connected to the same network.

Please try the following suggestions if your uPlay Stream cannot be found:

i) Check your uPlay Stream is successfully connected to the network:
a. Ethernet: If you are using an Ethernet connection, the LAN LED on the rear panel of the unit should be permanently on.
b. WiFi: If you are using a WiFi connection, the front WiFi connection status LED on the top panel of the unit should be permanently on.
ii) Ensure your uPlay Stream, the uPlay Stream app and the media servers are all connected to the same network.
iii) Review your router settings – Please see ‘How do I configure my network for streaming’

5. Why can’t the uPlay Stream app find my NAS drive/media server?

The uPlay Stream is DLNA 1.5 & UPnP AV 1.0 compatible. It should be able browse and stream music content from DLNA/UPnP compatible media servers.

Please try the following suggestions if your NAS drive/ media server cannot be found by the app:

i) Press Refresh on the Browse tab of the app.

ii) Ensure your uPlay Stream, the uPlay Stream app and the media servers are all connected to the same network in order for them to discover each other.

iii) Confirm your NAS drive or server is DLNA 1.5 or UPnP compatible.

iv) Review your router settings – Please see ‘How do I configure my network for streaming’

6. How do I configure my network for streaming?

Some routers have DLNA/ UPnP and Multicast related settings. To successfully stream music over your network you may need to ensure that you have enabled these settings in your router.

Below are some examples:

Netgear D6300 Router (UPnP setting)

Cisco WRT610N Router (Multicast setting)

You may also need to ensure that there is no firewall set-up between the devices on your network. (Note: It is never recommended that you turn-off the firewall on external connections to your network.)

7. Why can’t I factory reset my uPlay Stream?

Factory reset allows you to reset all your settings, including WiFi settings, back to the way the unit was configured when it was supplied.

There are 2 buttons on the rear panel of the uplay Stream, RESET and WPS.
The RESET button is used for power-cycling (rebooting) the uPlay Stream. It does not perform a factory reset.
The WPS button serves 2 functions:
i) Press the WPS button for 2 seconds and then release to enable WPS pairing.
ii) Press the WPS button for more than 8 seconds and then release to factory reset the unit. During factory reset, the front WiFi connection LED will flash quickly and then, the unit will reboot normally.


1. Why do my tracks have sound glitches?

This problem is usually caused by trying to play a track that is encoded in an unsupported format. Please see ‘How do I check which file formats uPlay Stream supports?’

Another possible cause is poor network connection:

i) Ethernet – Please check you do not have a faulty cable or connection

ii) WiFi – Please use the set-up page of the uPlay Stream app, PC or MAC set-up programs to check the signal strength shown in the Advanced -> Link Status section. If the signal strength is low, please refer to ‘Why does my WiFi router not show in the set-up page?”

2. Why do my tracks sound distorted?

This problem is usually caused by playing unsupported tracks or setting the volume too high.

Please see ‘How do I check which file formats uPlay Stream supports?’ to confirm you are streaming a supported format.

It is recommended that you stream with the volume slider of the uPlay Stream app set at higher levels and with your amplifier set at a lower level. However, the sound level that tracks are recorded at varies and the extra gain we have included to allow quiet tracks to be enjoyed means that distortion may happen when playing a loud track with the uPlay stream volume set at a high level. In this case, please lower the volume in the uPlay Stream app and turn up the volume in your amplifier.

3. How do I check which file formats uPlay Stream supports?

The formats that your uPlay Stream supports depend upon the control device you are using and there is a full list of supported formats in the user manual. You can find the manual on this page.

4. Why aren’t my uPlay Streams synchronized in multi-room playback?

The uPlay Stream supports audio synchronization of up to 8 units when controlled from the official uPlay app. We implemented a proprietary synchronisation protocol to enable this feature and it is only available when controlling uPlay Stream from the official app.

In order to maintain a fast and effective communications link between the app and the uPlay Stream devices, the audio synchronization takes place at the beginning of each track or when using the search bar to jump to another position in the track. Tracks will continue to play during playback without further synchronization.

If a network problem occurs and causes a glitch in one or more uPlay Streams during playback, the synchronization will be disrupted. The tracks will re-synchronise when a new track starts or when the search bar is manipulated.

5. Can I use my uPlay Stream app with other DLNA/ UPnP receiver/ renderers?

The uPlay Stream comes in 2 parts: the hardware uPlay Stream receiver and the free mobile app.

The uPlay Stream receiver is a standard DLNA/ UPnP renderer, so you can use other DLNA/UPnP compatible mobile app or player software to stream music to the uPlay Stream.

However, the uPlay Stream app can only work with the uPlay Stream receiver. We implemented a proprietary protocol in order to support the multi-room capability, so it does not work with any other receiver or renderer.

6. If I have one iPad and one iPhone, can I use the uPlay Stream app on my iPhone to stream the content of my iPad to the uPlay Stream receiver?

The uPlay Stream is DLNA/ UPnP compatible, so it streams tracks from DLNA/ UPnP enabled media servers.

iPhones, iPads or other mobile devices are not DLNA/ UPnP compatible by themselves. Yet, there are apps which turn your mobile devices into DNLA/ UPnP media servers and share the content of the mobile devices to allow streaming. An example is Skifta (http://www.skifta.com/). Please refer to the user guide of these apps for more details.

7. Can I control my uPlay Stream receiver from more than one app or controller?

It is only possible to successfully control a uPlay Stream from one controller. Use of a second controller device is not supported. If you wish to use a different controller, please deselect your uPlay Stream using the "Play To" tab.

8. Can I play copyright protected tracks on my uPlay Stream?

Copyright protection or Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a way in which the copyright owner of the track controls how or when the track is played. These DRM tracks require a propriety player. Generally, they cannot be played by the uPlay Stream.

You can identify if a track is DRM protected in the following ways:

i) For Windows, right click on any media file and select "Properties".

Click the "Details" tab and scroll down toward the bottom. In the "Protected" field the "Yes" tick box will be enabled and greyed out if DRM is enabled/

ii) For Mac, right click (hold down the Control key and click) on any media file and select "Get Info".

Scroll down toward the bottom. There will be a "Codec" field that will say if the file is protected.

Media Server

1. Why can’t I stream music from Dropbox or SkyDrive?

The uPlay Stream allows streaming tracks from cloud storage including Dropbox and SkyDrive. However Dropbox/SkyDrive streaming performance relies on the network and server capabilities. The connection speed to the cloud must be significantly greater than the bit rate of the tracks that you are trying to stream.
Because of this, streaming high resolution lossless audio tracks from cloud storage is not recommended. If the connection speed is too slow or unstable, an error message “File format not supported” will show.

2. How can I change my Dropbox/ SkyDrive account?

The uPlay Stream allows you to stream tracks stored in Dropbox and SkyDrive. You can log-out or change accounts in the "Cloud Setup" section. To log-out, go to the "Player" tab, tap the top left setting button and select "Cloud Setup". Turn off the Dropbox / SkyDrive account and go back. You will be logged-out from your cloud service.

To change accounts, log-out from the cloud service first and go into "Cloud Setup" again to turn on the Dropbox / SkyDrive account. You will be asked to log-in again when selecting the "Cloud Server" in the "Browser" tab.

3. I have "iTunes Match" enabled on my iOS device. Can I stream tracks from the Apple cloud using iTunes Match?

uPlay Stream supports streaming from cloud storage including DropBox and SkyDrive. With iOS you can subscribe to the iTunes Match service that allows you to stream music from the Apple cloud. However, the tracks on the cloud cannot be streamed directly to uPlay Stream. You need to download the tracks to your local device in order to play them. For more information about downloading songs from iTunes Match, please refer to http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5637.

4. I have a Sonos product in my network and I can see it in the server list of the uPlay Stream app, but why can’t I stream any tracks from it?

There are various streaming products on the market. Some of them, for example Sonos, might implement propriety protocol in their products and they might not be compatible with other DNLA devices.

Error / Alert Message from App

1. What does the error message “File format not supported” mean?

When you see this message, there could be several different causes:
i) You are trying to play an incompatible file format. Please see ‘How do I check which file formats uPlay Stream supports?
ii) Your file is shorter than 3 seconds. The uPlay Stream can only play tracks which are longer than 3 seconds.
iii) Errors in reading the file caused by corruption, network error or slow connection speed.

2. What does the message ‘Update detected on the server…’ mean?

If there is a new version of firmware detected the above message will be displayed you can choose:

i) Remind me later - The message will show again next time you open the app.

ii) Do not show again - The message will not show again until there is a future version available.

To install the new firmware select the "Firmware Update" option on the set-up page.


iPad™ 2

iPad™ Air

iPad™ Mini

iPad™ Mini with Retina Display

Android & iPhone™ 5S, 5C, 5, 4, 4S,3 & 3S

Network Storage Device

DLNA Computers & Netbooks/Windows Media Player 7&8