Cables Matter

Are QED HDMI cables 2.0 compatible?

All existing QED HDMI cables are already compatible with the HDMI 2.0 standard and carry the "High Speed with Ethernet" logo and 3D/4K logos to prove it.

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What is QED Airloc?

Discover what Airloc is, and how it plays a vital part in cable design.

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What is QED Bandpass Filter Technology?

Learn about Bandpass Filter Technology and get a better understanding of what it can do for you.

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HDMI Cables Matter!

Recently there have been discussions on television and the internet suggesting it’s not worth upgrading to high quality digital audio and HDMI cables. We have our say...

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Why choose QED Cat6 Cables?

Find out about all of the information that you need for CAT6 cables.

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What make our Audio 40 cables so special?
Discover from the inside out, the secrets behind the award winning range.
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Speaker Cable Technical Bulletins
QED has an extensive range of speaker cables from entry level to high-end innovation. Discover more about each of these cables by clicking the links below:

QED Technologies Overview

QED 42 Strand
QED 79 Strand
QED Micro
QED Original

QED Ruby Anniversary
QED Silver Anniversary XT


QED Revelation
QED Genesis Silver Spiral