Active subwoofers are usually connected to the (pre-) amplifier or receiver via a mono cable. QED offers a range of low loss cables and stereo adapters at Profile, Performance and Reference level.


Connect Series

QED’s great value Connect cable range covers all connectivity bases whether at home or on-the-move.

24K gold plated connectorse
for noise-free long-life connectivity
99.99% Oxygen Free Copper conductors
for reliable signal transfer
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  1. Connect Subwoofer Cable

    Connect Subwoofer Cable

    The QED Connect Subwoofer Cable delivers a great sound to your subwoofer from your amplifier or receiver.

    As low as £22.96

Profile Series

The Profile range offers the ultimate in slim-line entry-level connectivity. Like all QED products it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

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"There is little not to like for this kind of price tag."
QED Profile HDMI, What HiFi?

Compact & flexible
Designed for use with slim, mini or portable equipment
Easy Grip Connectors
Small for use with portable equipment
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  1. Profile Subwoofer

    Profile Subwoofer

    The high performance ultra compact and flexible Profile subwoofer cable delivers sound to your subwoofer from your Amp or receiver


Performance Series

The Performance Range is the largest and most popular QED cable range, offering the optimum balance between sonic performance and value.

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99.999% oxygen-free copper conductors and low-density polyethylene dielectrics minimises electrical energy loss in the cable insulation which can greatly impede audio fidelity. Some of the range will have gold plated non-locking plugs where applicable and either X-Tube or other technology depending on the application.


Featuring the highly awarded XT25, the Performance ranged offers unrivalled performance and value.
'Even at this lower price, this QED cable doesn’t disappoint. This kind of transparency is difficult for rivals to match.'
What HiFi?

99.999 % oxygen-free copper conductors
Provides increased conductivity for improved fidelity.
Gold plated plugs
Provides a secure low resistance connection which will not tarnish over time.
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  1. Performance Mini Subwoofer

    Performance Mini Subwoofer

    Discreet and easy to hide, Performance Mini Subwoofer provides ultimate flexibility and convenience without sacrificing sound quality.

  2. Performance Subwoofer

    Performance Subwoofer

    Feel every beat with the Performance Subwoofer cable.

    As low as £54.95
  3. Performance Y-SW Adaptor

    Performance Y-SW Adaptor

    A high quality single phono socket to dual phono plug 'Y' adapter


Reference Series

The Reference Range is designed to provide the ultimate performance level against which all others are judged. Featuring proprietary cable geometries with enhanced conductors and dielectrics, it represents the pinnacle of QED's research into analogue audio transmission.

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Featuring the critically acclaimed XT40 "The QED XT40 is a special cable – detailed, balanced and authoritative, and we think it’s worth every penny. Go treat your system."

Complementary Conductor™ Technology
Improves timing and detail, retaining the rhythm of the original piece. Unlike conventional analogue interconnects, Performance Audio 40 utilises two 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors of different diameters to carry the same audio signal. This has the effect of providing an alternative path for high frequency audio components which might otherwise become time smeared in a single audio pathway.
Ferrite Jacket™ Technology
A Zn/Mn Ferrite jacket is used within the Audio 40 cordage to absorb very high frequency noise components outside of the audible band that have an adverse effect on the micro-timing of the audio signal. When measured at very high frequencies, Audio 40 cables exhibit cleaner signal transmission than ordinary audio interconnects.
Gold plated Analoc™ plugs
Low eddy current locking phono plug design utilising gold–plated pure copper contacts for a long lasting low resistance connection without distortion or loss.
Silver-plated 99.999 % oxygen-free copper conductors
Provides increased conductivity especially at high frequencies for improved fidelity.
Low loss LDPE Dielectric
Minimises electrical energy loss in the cable insulation which can have a detrimental effect on the fidelity of the sound compared with cheaper PVC alternatives.
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  1. Reference Subwoofer 40

    Reference Subwoofer 40

    Reference Subwoofer 40, the new standard for timing, accuracy and rhyth

    As low as £99.95
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"This kind of transparency is difficult for rivals to match"
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